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Prathama Blood Centre is an endeavor of Advanced Transfusion Medicine Research Foundation (ATMRF) established to modernize blood banking in India. As a not-for-profit organization Prathama (Which in Sanskrit means ‘The First and The Foremost’) revolutionized blood banking in India with three fundamental principles.

  • Encourage voluntary blood donation and discourage replacement donation.
  • Execute 100% blood components preparation and distribution.
  • Enhance scale of operations to provide safe blood on cost recovery model.

As a result of its unique approach and commitment to provide safe blood products, Prathama is now one of the finest blood establishments in South Asia. NABH accredited and ISO 9000:2009 certified Prathama meets 50% of Ahmedabad city’s blood requirement. Statistics show Ahmedabad leading the country in blood donation to population ratio at 3.5%. The credit goes to overwhelming support of more than 250,000 voluntary blood donors along with supporting doctors and hospitals.

Every year about 50,000 donors are voluntarily donating blood to Prathama. Using state-of-the-art technology, this blood is further separated into blood components which helps in saving lives of more than 40,000 patients in and around Ahmedabad.

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Great Blood Drives-Events

Prathama fulfils almost 50% of blood requirement of the city. This has been done with the support of voluntary blood donors and voluntary blood drive organizers. Prathama was the first blood centre of the country to work on 100% voluntary blood donations, 100% blood componentization and availability of blood components to needy patients “without replacement”. All this was made possible with continuous support from our blood drive organizers. Prathama completed its 14 years of service to the society and on this occasion Blood Drive Felicitation program was organized. Blood drive organizers were invited on this occasion, who regularly organize blood donation drives with Prathama.

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