Automation in Prathama

Blood banking is a very complex and highly error prone operation. Many people die across the world, every year, because of mismatched blood. Being under the ambit of Food & Drugs Control Administration, vast documentation and archival is needed. This also makes blood banking stress prone with massive management of clerical data.

From the very beginning, Prathama imagined and designed its own blood banking automation software, IBBMS-Vyan to enhance speed of operation, safety of processes, products and to liberate people from menial clerical work. Over the period of time our automation efforts has turned our software into a mammoth ERP, which has 20 integrated modules. Vyan connects length and breadth of organizational functions. It is with the help of our automation efforts that in last 6 years our blood collection and processing has doubled but team size has remained the same

Prathama is now making available our software called IBBMS-Vyan (Integrated Blood Banking Management Software – Vyan (all pervading energy / soul) to other “not for profit” blood banks in India and other developing countries. Vyan has begun its journey in world of blood banking with its first installation in KEM Hospital-Mumbai.

Prathama is probably the right model of blood banking for all developing countries which meets blood requirement of the society, through the society at economies which are just 1/20th or 5% of those in developed countries.

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