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Random Donor Platelets (RDPs)

Platelet helps in stop bleeding. When injury occurs, platelets bind together and form a plug inside blood vessel, at injury site. Normally, platelet ranges from 150,000-450,000 per mcL (microliter). The average platelet count is 237,000 per mcL in men and 266,000 per mcL in women. Platelet count less than 150,000 per mcL is termed as thrombocytopenia while platelet count above 450,000 mcL is termed as thrombocytosis.

Platelet transfusion is required when platelet count falls down from normal range (thrombocytopenia) or because of some functional defects of platelets. This fall may be because of certain disease like dengue. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy also require platelets, very frequently.

Platelets have shelf life of only 5 days and needs to be stored in agitator (shaking platform) at 20-24 degree celsius. Cross matching procedure is not required while issuing Platelets to patients.

Prathama ensures best quality of Platelets collected from Voluntary Donors only. Platelets derived from 450 ml blood donated ensures 30% more platelet yield. One unit of Platelet transfused can result in increase of platelet count by approximately 5000-10000 per mcL. Non group specific platelets can be given to patients, however, at Prathama we preferably issue group compatible Platelets, depending on availability at the time of request.

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