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Red blood cells (In Additive solution)

Red Blood Cells transports oxygen to various organs and helps in exhaling carbon dioxide from body. Red Blood Cells contains protein called Hemoglobin that carries oxygen. Red Blood Cells transfusion is required to increase supply of oxygen to tissues.

Prathama provides Red Blood Cells in Additive Solution. Additive solution preserves and extends shelf life of Red Blood Cells. As compared to Whole Blood and Packed Cells having shelf life of only 35 days, Red Blood Cells in additive solution have shelf life of 42 days. Red Blood Cells in additive solution have less chances of hemolysis during storage and also it helps easy fluidity during transfusion.

Red Blood Cells Hematocrit ranges from 55 – 65% and average hemoglobin per bag 13 – 45 gms. A strict donor acceptance criterion at Prathama ensures the same. On the other hand a stringent Quality control measure ensures adequate dose, sterility and safety of the blood component.

Red Blood Cells transfusion is required in case of acute blood loss (almost 30% of blood volume). Most frequently required during surgeries. Red Blood Cells are transfused to patients having certain blood disorders like Sickle cell anemia, Thallassemia, aplastic anemia etc.
Red Blood Cells before issuing to patients requires cross match procedure. During Cross matching blood sample of patient is matched with blood sample of Voluntary Blood Donor. Blood in stock having compatibility with patients’ blood is issued. Prathama, tries to provide group specific Red Blood Cells, however, working on componentization patient with particular blood group can be served by different blood group as mentioned below. This extends possibility of serving more patients, even when particular blood group is not in stock.

Blood Group of recipient Can receive Red Cells in Additive Solution from
A+ A+, A-, O+, O-
B+ B+, B-, O+, O-
AB+ AB+, AB-, A+, A-, B+, B-, O+, O-
O+ O+, O-
A- A-, O-
B- B-, O-
AB- AB-, A-, B-, O-
O- O-

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