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Single Donor Platelet

Prathama have facility to provide single Donor Platelet. This includes a special procedure wherein Voluntary blood donor only donates platelets. In this process we can harvest large number of Platelets from a donor, which would reduce the donor exposure for patient by six to eight times. This results in fewer febrile non hemolytic reactions and reduced HLA immunization. Single Donor Platelet shows better response in “refractory” patients (those who don’t respond well to random donor platelet concentrates transfusion)

Single Donor Platelets are required in following cases-
• Apastic or hypo plastic anemia
• Thrombocytopenia
• Bone Marrow suppression following chemotherapy after leukemia
• Myelo Dysplastic syndrome (MDS)
• Non- Hodkin’s Lymphoma (NHL)
• Dengue fever
• Vascular surgery
• DIC patients
• Hypersplenism etc

Prathama ensures faster availability of Singe Donor Platelets round the clock and also arranges for donor.

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