Making Of Prathama

Prathama was conceptualized in 90’s. That was the period where Indian blood banking was going through a very rough patch. Blood requirement always meant an emergency, anywhere in the country. Blood was significantly infecting people with HIV, Hepatitis and other transfusion transmitted diseases. On one side blood banks were ill equipped and ill managed and on other side private profiteering blood banks squeezed patients out of their money. Getting blood then, was a nightmare.

Prathama was conceptualized as a social philanthropic activity in association with Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Some of the best blood banking models across the world were studied for inspiration and to design our own unique model which would meet world class standards and yet offer blood banking services at extremely economical cost.

Prathama was finally established in 1997 as a not for profit charitable trust and also as a Section 25 Company. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation joined hands with us for this noble objective for the city and gave us a piece of land. Keeping in mind international benchmarks, Prathama committed itself to the following philosophies for our blood bank.

  • To mass mobilize the society for voluntary blood donation
  • To have world-class blood processing, testing, storage facilities
  • To shift to 100% blood components
  • To give blood without replacement and with highest level of safety
  • To provide professional management system to ensure highest level of patient services.
  • Large scale of operation to bring economies of scale

Prathama’s operations and services were an instant hit in the society with product quality and services which were beyond imagination in the society earlier. In a very short time, Prathama became the most favoured blood centre of the city as we were able to provide high quality, economical, safe blood to patients without replacement and also at the bed-side. Prathama’s operations also triggered closure of many a private “for profit” blood banks.

Enthusiastic blood donors from Ahmedabad greatly appreciated Prathama’s cause. Our voluntary blood collection has continuously grown in last 13 years. We now (2013 January) receive more than 55,000 units of voluntary blood donations p.a. Almost 50% of our donors are repeat voluntary blood donors. Prathama now distributes more than 1,25,000 blood components for the needy patients every year. From 2000- 2012 Prathama distributed a large number of blood components, making life saving contribution for almost 500,000 patients.

Almost 100 patients received more than 100 blood components from Prathama, about 500 patients received more than 50 components and more than 10,000 patients received more than 10 components from Prathama, all of these were made available without replacement. In other cities, such large blood requirement for a single patient would set a danger alarm but in Prathama this happens in routine. Prathama remains most favourite blood bank for more than 2000 clinicians and about 100 hospitals in and around Ahmedabad in terms of receiving blood and blood components.

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