Cancer Support Program


Provide ‘free Platelets’ to poor and needy Cancer patients with the help of Cancer Support Group.


The incidence and mortality rate of Cancer is increasing day by day in India. Ahmedabad is among the top five cities where the maximum cases of cancer are registered. In Ahmedabad city alone 7993 new cases are registered every year where mouth, tongue, lung cancer, breast and cervix cancer is prevalent. Possibility of ‘developing Cancer’ is as high as one in every 14 males and one in every 16 in females in Ahmedabad city.

Platelets that help in blood clotting are a vital in cancer treatment and in other surgical procedures as they help prevent blood loss. Demand for platelets has been rising with more and more hospitals in the city starting to offer advanced treatment for cancer patients. For example bleeding is a common symptom of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia, a type of blood Cancer and patients with this problem often need many platelet and blood transfusions during initial treatment.

Cancer patients undergo chemotherapy and soon after that they undergo blood transfusion to recover. Those undergoing chemotherapy require platelets, as post-chemotherapy the number of platelet in their bone marrow decreases.

Patients under Cancer treatment come from various corners of the state. They find it extremely difficult to manage Platelets as their shelf life is only 5 days. They undergo sever stress and drudgery to procure platelets.

Shortage of Platelets is particularly high during summers, festivals or exam season in colleges. We need regular blood donations to keep up the stocks readily available to cancer patients.

Cancer patients who need regular supply of platelets carry high risk of transfusion transmittable infections. To reduce the risk associated with multiple exposures and ensure ready availability of platelets Prathama started ‘Cancer Support Group.

Prathama Blood Centre has developed the facility where Platelets are readily available to Cancer patients 24×7.

To ensure round the clock availability of Platelets ‘Cancer Support Group Registry’ is maintained where a regular voluntary blood donor registered himself/herself to support the cause of Cancer.

Cancer Support Group

  • Cancer Support Group is formed by 10 motivated voluntary non-remunerated blood donors who donate 2 times in a year to support a Cancer patient for platelets.
  • Each CSG member is called 2 times in a year to donate blood. Platelets from the blood is separated and given to the patient who needs it on regular basis.
  • The date and time of blood donation and convenient venue of donation is organized by Donor Recall Center of Prathama.
  • This will ensure limited donor exposure of the patient and assured supply of Platelets in time.
  • Platelets made from such donation is given free of charges to Cancer Patients belong to poor families who need Platelet Transfusion on regular basis.
How a cancer patient can benefit

Any Cancer patient no longer needs to worry about availability of Platelets. He/she can call Prathama and register the request.

A Cancer patient who needs Platelets on regular basis can get registered with Prathama. He/she will be entrusted to a CSG for platelets requirement.

Whenever a patient needs Platelets, he/she will put up a request and it is arranged in time with the help of CSG members.

Besides, a Cancer patient belongs to BPL (below poverty line) family will get free Platelets from Prathama Blood Centre. On presenting BPL Card a patient can avail this benefit.

A Cancer patient who is poor and admitted in any government/charitable trust managed hospitals without any medical insurance can also get free Platelets on doctor’s recommendation.

Patients admitted in AMC managed hospitals who are under Cancer treatment can get free Platelets on doctor’s prescription.

Recommendation for free Platelets is approved by Medical Director / Director Social Services at Prathama Blood Centre.

Who can become a member of csg

Any person in the age group of 18 to 65 years who want to help Cancer patients can become member.

  • He / She should not indulge in any risk behavior.
  • He / She should promptly disclose/report any illness or infection
  • He / She should be willing to donate twice in a year
  • Roles of csg member & Prathama
  • The CSG member should first get enrolled.
  • There is no registration fee to get enrolled.
  • The member should take Oath to support the cause of Cancer.
  • The member should respond to the call for blood donation.
  • CSG MEMBER is Recognized
  • The CSG member is recognized by Certificate.
  • The CSG member will get a special ‘T’ promoting the cause of Cancer.
  • Participate in annual event.
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