Life Saving Stories

When the bags filled with RBCs gave life to two lives…

Patient: Manishaben
Consultant doctor: Dr. Manisha Doshi

Case summary:

Dr. Manisha H. Doshi and Dr. H. Doshi are running Bimal Maternity & Nursing Home in Vasna area, Ahmedabad. One of their patients, Manisha Ben had become critical after normal child birth as she developed post partum haemorrhage (PPH). In this critical condition she was shifted to ICU in Parekh’s hospital for her further treatment. She needed a large number of blood components as she suffered from massive blood loss due to post partum haemorrhage.

How Prathama donors saved a life:

Dr.Haresh Doshi said, “She had massive PPH (post partum haemorrhage) following child birth and because of the massive bleeding they had to do an emergency obstetric hysterectomy to save her life. Manishaben had developed DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation), for the management of which we required a large number of blood components. This demand was met as we could manage all blood components from Prathama blood centre and thus saved our patient’s life.’’

Dr.Doshi also shared that usually there was no difficulty to manage blood and its components for them since Prathama was situated near their hospital. He was delighted by the very efficient and quality services from Prathama. He also added that Prathama always remains as their first choice for quality blood and blood components.

Dr.Doshi said that they usually required blood and blood components for the management of different obstetric cases for instance in pregnancy with severe anaemia, postpartum haemorrhage, antepartum haemorrhage after twenty weeks of pregnancy and during caesareansections in difficult pregnancy cases.He said that he will not prefer whole blood because most of the time patients require only RBC /PCV so there is no need to transfuse other components. Volume overload and allergic reactions are major problems which may arise with whole blood transfusion. And the most important thing is that one donor’s blood can be used for saving four lives after componentisation of blood as compared to whole blood which saves only one life at a time.

Talking about the voluntary blood donation, Dr.Doshi said, “We have second largest population in our country with majority youth, boys and girls who all can donate blood, so they must donate blood. I am 64 year old and have donated blood 16 times until now. We all should try to contribute in our capacity to this life saving social movement.”

Manishaben’s husband thanked the humble donors of Prathama and said, “My wife needed almost 70 units of blood components. We could manage it only with the help of Prathama. I would like to thank all the voluntary blood donors of Prathama whose blood units saved my wife and child. They donated selflessly and thus have helped me indirectly. I will always remain indebted to these donors and Prathama for saving my wife’s life. Donate blood and save as many as you can.”

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