Life Saving Stories

When unknown blood donors became one’s savior…

Patient: Jaypalsingh Dhirubhai Darbar
Consultant doctor: Dr.Bhavin Mehta

Case summary:

“Tobacco chewing is injurious to health & causes cancer”– a tagline we come across multiple times in our day to day life but ignore in the end. Same was the case with 29 years old Mr. Jaypalsingh Dhirubhai Darbar. He was admitted to Shubham Hospital and got operated for CA tongue and radical neck dissection.

Radical neck dissection is an operation used to remove cancerous tissues in the head and neck. Cancers of the head and neck (sometimes inaccurately called throat cancer) often spread to nearby tissues and into the lymph nodes. Removing these structures is one way of controlling the cancer. Out of the 600 hundred lymph nodes present in the body around 200 are in the neck. The purpose of Radical Neck dissection is to remove lymph nodes and other structures in the head and neck that are likely or proven to be malignant.

How Prathama Donors saved a life:

“Jaypal’s case was an unusual case. He was operated for CA tongue and radical neck dissection but suffered from acute renal shutdown after the surgery. There was a drop in platelet count and haemoglobin level. We suspected that the patient is going into septicemia and DIC. The patient was unable to open the mouth so intubation became difficult. As a result, an emergency tracheotomy was done.” said Dr.Bhavin Mehta (Nephrologist), Jaypal’s treating doctor. He runs Shubham Hospital in Naranpura and is giving services to Siddivinayak Hospital at Maninagar.

Jaypal’s situation was critical and he had platelet count of 11,000 only. Low platelet count resulted in bleeding from tracheotomy site which gave rise to requirement of blood transfusion. “Immediately, we required blood components for Jaypal, as there was bleeding from tracheotomy site and his platelet count was very low. At that time we could only think of Prathama for quality blood products and we got desired blood components quickly.” said Dr.Bhavin. Adding to this Dr.Bhavin said that blood components acts like a magic in such cases. Jaypal’s hemoglobin level and platelet count raised subsequently and that too without any transfusion reaction which is very common when a large volume of blood was transfused. It was only because of the careful testing and cross matching of blood in Prathama using state of the art machinery to ensure best quality blood and blood components.

Jaypal was transfused with 13 units of cryoprecipitates and 4 units of red blood cells. He was fortunate enough that he got required blood components in time and that too without replacement. There are many blood banks in India but most of them work on replacement donation only. “We got all units of blood from Prathama easily and without replacing blood. When large amount of blood was needed, we were very tensed but Dr.Bhavin guided us and we got support from Prathama.” said Jaypal’s relative.

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