Life Saving Stories

When humanity comes forward to save a human life, nothing is impossible…

Patient: Sumanben
Consultant doctor: Dr.Darshan Shah

Case summary:

One day, a healthy Sumanben suddenly experienced a lot of pain in upper abdomen. After investigations, doctors diagnosed her with poly cystic liver disease. Liver cysts occurs in approximately 5% of the population. And out of these patients only about 5% ever develop symptoms.

In general, cysts are thin-walled structures that contain fluid and can be single or multiple. The symptoms associated with liver cysts include upper abdominal fullness, discomfort or pain. A small number of patients bleed into the cyst, which causes sudden and severe right upper quadrant and shoulder pain.

Her consultant, Dr.Darshan Shah suggested her to undergo a surgery as soon as possible.On examination, it was found that Sumanben had low platelet count and altered blood coagulation profile which resulted into drainage of blood. She suffered heavy blood loss. Dr Darshan Shah along with Dr. Deepak Vora run Life Care Emergency Centre, started with an aim of providing critical care to emergency patients.

How Prathama Donors saved a life:

Dr.Darshan shared that condition of Sumanben was very critical and an emergency surgery was needed. During surgery 39 units of blood components were utilised. “Availability of blood components when required is very critical. Availability of good quality and tested blood during surgery is paramount for which we depend on blood banks. We are fortunate enough that due to Prathama, in Ahmedabad city, availability of quality blood is not an issue. Sumanben consumed 15 units of Red Blood Cells, 18 units of Platelets and 6 units of Fresh Frozen Plasma. Her relatives arranged all the required blood components from Prathama and that too without replacement and in time, without compromising on quality.” shared Dr.Darshan.

Talking about usage of blood components, Dr.Darshan said that he deals with critically ill patients all day and night who require surgeries. “Most of the time we use only blood components when required during a surgery. We have experienced better results by transfusing blood components instead of whole blood. We always prefer usage of blood components and with Prathama using state of the art technology for separating the components of blood we don’t need to worry about our patients in Ahmedabad. And when quality blood products are available right in the city, then why not avail the benefits of the same.” said Dr.Darshan.

One never knows when a situation like Sumanben’s might occur and an emergency demand of blood might arise. Blood is a critical lifesaving fluid that should be available as and when required. Patients like Sumanben are saved only because of generous act of voluntary blood donors to donate blood.“Thank you for saving my life. Keep donating blood and saving more lives.” requests Sumanben.

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