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Irradiated components

Prathama is the only stand alone NGO Blood Centre in the city having Irradiation facility. In this process with the help of Gama-irradiation with a dose of 25gy lymphocytes present in blood components are destroyed. Irradiation sensitive labels are used to assure proper irradiation during the process. Irradiated blood components are required to prevent Graft vs. Host Disease (GvHD) in cases of bone marrow, stem cell transplant patients and for intra uterine transfusions.

Irradiation process is done on demand from the treating doctors. Red Blood Cells (RBCs), Platelets transfusion and Granulocyte (White Blood Cells) transfusions are irradiated for patients. Plasma components such as Fresh Frozen Plasma, Anti-D, Albumin, and Immunoglobulin need not be irradiated.

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