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Mayor Bijalben Patel, launched a mobile application for Thalassemia patients on Sunday (12th May), on the occasion of Thalassemia week closing ceremony, at Prathama Blood Centre. World Thalassemia Day is observed on 8th May, every year. Prathama initiated to spread awareness about Thalassemia and celebrated the entire week by organizing awareness sessions and blood donation drives for Thalassemia patients. During this week almost 700 units of blood are collected for Thalassemia patients. Prathama, apart from other categories of patients, provides, almost 300 units of blood to Thalassemia patients, total free of processing charges and without replacement.

Thalassemia patients need a regular blood transfusion for survival, as their body produces defective red blood cells since birth. Almost, 350 Thalassemia patients are registered at Prathama, who receives the safest blood, as and when required. On average, these patients require a 1-2 blood transfusion, every week. Exposure to multiple donors increases the risk of blood transmittable diseases. To reduce this risk, Prathama has created a group to 10-15 dedicated donors, called “Thalassemia Support Group (TSG)”, for every Thalassemia patient. Whenever these patients need blood, they drop their blood request in advance. On the basis of request received, blood donor from their group is called for voluntary blood donation. In the year 2009, two Blood Mobile Vans were also launched specially to make blood donation experience memorable.

Taking this process one step ahead, the mobile application is launched for Thalassemia patients. Now, patients can send their blood request through this application and can easily track the processing of blood in the blood bank. When blood is ready to be issued, subsequent to mandatory processes involved, they can visit the blood centre and can collect blood, within the shortest possible time. The use of newer technology and belief of Prathama about safety first reduced the burden of regular blood transfusion and ultimately increased the life expectancy of thalassemia patients.

Prathama blood centre brought revolution in the field of blood transfusion. Every year we are collecting almost 30000 units of blood, voluntarily and distributing more than 60,000 units to patients. We are providing blood components free of processing charges to various categories of patients like Thalassemia, Hemophilia, Cancer, BPL card holders, patients admitted in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation-run hospitals etc. In the year 2018-19, almost 29216 units were collected from which 74367 blood components were distributed. Amongst this, 21426 units of blood were given free of processing charges. Prathama is providing NAT tested blood to Thalassemia patients.

“Prathama Blood Centre is doing tremendous humanitarian work for Thalassemia patients since last 18 years. Everybody should support the cause of service and humanity by donating blood. I pray, every child will get sufficient blood on time so they can live happily forever”- said Ms Bijalben Patel- Ahmedabad Mayor.

“My blood group is O Negative which is very rare. I am getting continuous support from Prathama, whenever I need blood. Today, I am more than 25 years and survived till date only because of Prathama. I personally thank Prathama for providing the safest blood. Mobile Application launched today will make blood availability process for us even more smooth.”, said Ms Jalpa Mistry- Thalassemia patients.PDG_7534


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Shri Mukesh Sharma- AMC Councilor and Shri Jignesh Patel- Chairman Recreation Committee were also present on this occasion. More than 100 Thalassemia patients attended this program along with their family.

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